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Creating, Editing and Sharing a set of Favorites - For Visitors


The following video walks through the entire process of creating a set of Favorites



Creating a Favorites set

There are a number of ways to add photos to a favorites list. But you first must navigate in Visitor View until you are looking at a Thumbnails page with the photographs you would like to select.

  1.  You may click the SELECT PHOTOS button to select multiple photos. Once you have chosen all the photos you may use the ADD TO FAVORITES button to include them in your current list of favorites.
  2. Click the photo you would like to add to favorites. It will open in a Photo Page or Dim-The-Lights mode. From here you may:
  • Add to Favorites from the Photo Toolbar above the Photo.
  • Use the Heart in the Overlay Menu to Add to Favorites
  • Click the "F" key on your keyboard as a shortcut for Add to Favorites

In Photo View you also have the option to Remove From Favorites photos you have added.

After you have created a Favorites set it will be available for 30-days in the cache of your browser. The expiration date is available for your reference at the top of the page.

Sharing a Set with the Rob

The photographer will receive a notification and will be able to either delete or change the order to the set of Favorites. To begin, click on the name of your set in the top left corner of Visitor View.

This will allow you to get my advice on the prints - cropping, size and shape of print etc.

Click the Share button in the top, right corner. A pop-up window will appear.

    1. Select the Share with Photographer tab.
    2. Enter your name and email address.
    3. Enter a message.
    4. Click Share.