Streamline Photography | Check Out Issues

There appear to be some problems with the Check Out system. 

These notes should help you manage the process more easily. If you have any concerns just send me an email via the contact page (link in the footer menu) and I can help you through the process.  Rob

1..There should be no need to Register with the website or 'sign in' at any stage unless you want to save the cart for future review when you see this popup.


2. If you do not want to use the PayPal system for credit card payment email the cart to me and I will send you an invoice

Click The link on the shopping cart page:

M8-0444-WC3-LucerneM8-0444-WC3-Lucerne   or   M8-0447-WC3-LucerneM8-0447-WC3-Lucerne

If you do want to use a credit card there is no need to register for PayPal - use the 'Check as Guest' on this page:



3. On PayPal you use the 'Pay with my Credit or debit Card' Option - unless you already have a PayPal account: