What Size should I use for the Print

Once you have decided on the images that you want you will need to decide on the size and how the image can be cropped to get what you want.

This page gives you some ideas and examples of how I see some images can be cropped.

If you are not sure make your best selection and I can mock up some choices for you.


First the original:


Two versions of 6x4 Horizontal and Vertical:




The 3:2 ratio is common to the other sizes available of    12x8,  and 15x10


The next 3 are

7x5                                                            8x6                                                                      10x8



Perhaps the most radical are the wide and short images that a stern shot supports:


    10x4                                                                            12x6 or 10x5



Here is another example of a 12x6:



Here is another example of a 10x4 - ideal for scullers in particular:



Or something a little bit different - a classic rowing shot:


Find enough images and as well as the prints get a free Montage: